June 7, 2010


After our anniversary cycle I broke down... I think it was the first due date of our m/c that really got to me. March 8th. It fly by and we had no baby nor was I pregnant. So I decided I needed a break on anything pregnancy or baby related. Fyi, Ikea is a pregnancy magnet... I went therapy shopping with my mother in law and there were so many beautiful pregnant women... so jealous.
Then a close family member of ours (who have a 3 year old) are TTC and were one of the lucky ones that got a BFP on their first cycle. However she was upset with her husband about some argument so she went through with an abortion. Now, two months later they are TTC again. Nice.

This break was kind of good... no temping every morning, no more waiting at work in the bathroom stalls with an OPK hoping for the double line to look darker than the control line, substituting my caffeine with green tea and treating sex as if it was a chore. Right now I am in my 2ww and boooooyy were we some crazy sex making teenagers Memorial Day weekend! and that was my O time, so lets see what happens... I'm praying. Since I haven't been taking my temp I did use opks so that I would know where I was in my cycle.

Did you know...
that the perfect time for sex is the day just prior to the OPK FIRST turning positive.

And this may sound like a surprise, but making love only after first getting a positive OPK may not get you pregnant at all. Found Here

That's it for me... I think I'm going to test Friday... Keep you posted.


Ms. Understood said...

Ok. I'm sorry. I read that line like four times and I still can't believe it. She had an abortion because she was mad at her husband??? Hoping that the holiday weekend was successful and you get your BFP. Good luck.

Flora Bud said...

yup, so so so sad.
Thank you.. we should know any day if we have a BFP.. so anxious

Jen J. said...

I'm so happy to see you back FB...praying that you get positive results in this 2ww!


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