May 19, 2010

The world seems against us.

Once again I am waiting to O and my seemingly good chances have changed. Earlier this week, I started to get a sore throat but since I have seasonal allergies, I wrote it off as that. Not so much. Yesterday I began feeling coldy and today I was home sick. This is the second cycle (out of 5) where I have been sick around ovulation time. I am person who very rarely gets sick, so that makes it worse.

Since I finished graduate school this past week, I was thinking all my stress would be gone and I could pick up doing yoga again. Well that didn't last for long. I got home from work and DH told me that he is having serious cuts at work and his job is iffy. The responsible person inside of me thinks this would be a good time to TTA, but the emotional person in me wants to keep trying incase there are infertility issues. Also we could survive on my pay and small part time from DH we could survive. It would be tight, but we wouldn't have to pay for daycare. Well I guess for once in my life I can be spontaneous and if it happens it happens. I will definitely let you know how that goes.


Ms. Understood said...

I think if you and your husband should look at the numbers and figure out what's what. I think if you can, you should. Congrats on graduating.


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