May 20, 2010

37w3d and uncomfortable!

Since my last post, Baby Hopeful Bud has had another up close photo shoot to follow up on the fluid on her kidney. While there was still fluid on her left kidney, the kidney had not changed shapes or location, so the doctor said that it looked "normal". As normal as her mother is 10.5 sized feet. So I have big feet, Baby HB just has a bigger kidney. Her amniotic fluid was perfect, so really there is no reason to be worried that she won't be a perfectly healthy baby bud! That was absolutely wonderful news to hear. At this appointment last week, she was measuring about a week a head, but the doctor still put her in the 21 percentile because of her body weight. She is going to be long and lean just like her mom and grandpa. The great news about her being tall now, as opposed to when I grew up is that now they make long kids clothes. I think I went all the way through grade school waiting for a flood that never came.

This week at our regular OB appt., we discussed how long past my due date they would let me go. He said that they do not like their patients to go over a week past the due date. I want to do everything I can to avoid induction, so I've been drinking Raspberry Tea and am about ready to go to Wal-Mart to get a yoga ball to help her drop. When my doctor checked my cervix for dilation and effacement, I had made no progress. Baby HB is very happy being up under my ribs. My doctors exact words were "If I was a betting man, I would say that your little one is not going to make an early appearance. She will more then likely stay put until much closer to her due date." While I am excited for whenever she comes, I welcome a couple more weeks. Mr. HB is still putting blinds up in the nursery. We still have to put together all the fun equipment like the Pack N'Play, swing and stroller.

We do have our bags packed and everything ready should she decide to make an appearance. I just hope it's after this weekend. The weather is supposed to be absolutely perfect, so Mr. Hopeful Bud and I are going to a baseball game this Saturday, and then spending the night down in the city and a fancy hotel. It's not much of a babymoon, but I'm so excited about it. Mr. HB and I really need some quality time together.

So here I sit in our office at 37 weeks and 3 days. For the most part I feel okay, but I am really starting to get uncomfortable. I don't think she has dropped yet, but I am feeling way more pressure on my cervix then I normally do. I was really hoping to get into the chiropractor today or tomorrow, because my hips have been hurting too, but she is all booked up. I see a pedicure in my future!

I'll keep you ladies posted.

Take care and stay hopeful!


Ms. Understood said...

It's good to here that baby HB is going to be okay. I hope that you get some relief soon and enjoy your weekend.


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