May 6, 2010

We have a heartbeat!

It has been way too long since I've posted - my apologies!

Today I had my first appointment with my OB. It was our 2nd trip to the doctor's in this pregnancy, but the first I only met with the NP, answered lots of medical history forms and got lots of info. Mr. NatureBud came to that appointment, but didn't come today. Since the NP told us their office only has one very old ultrasound that they don't use often, and that I wouldn't have an u/s until later in pregnancy, we didn't think there'd be any excitement.

Well, we were wrong. When I entered the exam room, the u/s machine was set up next to the table. As soon as the doctor came into the room, he squirted the jelly on my belly and got busy looking for Baby Bean. It took a minute - the longest and scariest of my life - but eventually he found a tiny flicker of a heartbeat, and declared our Baby Bean viable. The sweetest pronouncement of my life!

I've been so worried, mostly because so far I've been getting off easy with pregnancy symptoms. I feel nauseous every now and then, but I haven't puked once. I get really, really exhausted some days, but other days I'm fine. My sore and swollen boobs are really my only reminder that something is up down there. And total lack of appetite, too. I practically have to force myself to eat most of the time.

I can't wait until first trimester is over. I just want this baby to be "for keeps" so badly. We plan to tell our families just before the 12 week turnover, which is still a month away. Mr. NatureBud and I just keep reminding each other that Baby Bean will have his/her whole life to be loved by the world, and 4 more weeks in secret isn't going to hurt anyone.

But if I have to hear one more family member talk about how we're expected to be in Florida for Thanksgiving this year, I might just burst! Umm, I'll be edging on 9 mos. pregnant. A plane ride to FL? Don't think so.

Until next time!

Love from NatureBud and Baby Bean


Ms. Understood said...

Congrats!! It's great to hear things are going well so far.

Jen J. said...

So happy to hear all is going well! I had pretty mild symptoms during the first tri as well...never threw up once. Every pregnancy is different! So happy to hear baby is doing well!


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