May 31, 2010

We are on team....

PINK!! Our little girl was not shy at the ultrasound on Friday...she was wiggling all around it was pretty difficult for the u/s tech to even see the "goods" at first. But, eventually she got a good look & is 100% sure that we are having a little girl in November! Here's the "money" shot from the u/s on Friday:

I loved the ultrasound, but of course, I always love seeing Baby Worry Bud. And by doing this (non-medical) u/s instead of attempting to move up my official anatomy scan, I still get to see her again in a couple weeks, woot! Best $75 ever spent & we got to find out what we are having a few weeks early, which has enabled me to get started on my crafting (I've already been to Michaels for the supplies for 2 of my planned projects :o). I'm really into DIY crafts & decorating, so my baby girl's room will be no exception! And although I didn't pay for a 3D/4D scan, the nice tech did a few for us anyways, here's the best one - it's a top view looking down on the baby, so you can see her head, nose & a little bit of her body:

As for Mr. WB - he's really excited about his little girl. I think he was in shock at first - because literally EVERYONE we knew thought it was a boy, including me. And all men want at least one son, but there's (God willing) always a next time & we are both absolutely thrilled as long as she's happy & healthy. He calls her by her name now when he rubs my belly & tells her he loves her - it literally melts my heart! She's so gonna have her daddy wrapped around her little finger. We told the rest of my family (already told my dad, mom & my MIL because we knew they wouldn't be here) today during our cookout. I baked a 2-layer cake with pink frosting inside & had my sister cut it to reveal the gender! She was so happy for us. None of our parents could make it to the BBQ, but they are all very excited too - especially my mom who had been hoping for a granddaughter! So now that we know we are having a little girl, we will really get started planning out the rest of the nursery, which I am so excited about! And after our 20 week anatomy scan, we'll likely go & register. My older sister has already started planning my shower, which will be in early October! I feel like everything is happening so quickly & we can't wait to meet our beautiful little girl in November!


Sarcastic Bud said...

Congrats on your baby girl!!!

Can't wait to see your DIY projects!

Ms. Understood said...

Congrats!!! I can't wait to see the nursery projects come together. Oh my gosh, I can't believe how quickly your pregnancy is going by.

Flora Bud said...

CONGRATS!!!!! Girls are so much fun, cant wait to see her nursery.


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