May 30, 2010

Just when you think things are normal

After 7 cycles of charting, I was pretty confident in saying that my cycles lasted between 28 and 29 days, my LP was getting to be around 12 days and I ovulated between cd 16 and cd 18. Then this cycle happened. (My crazy chart).

Now at cd 22, I do not see a clear ovulation. It could be because I was sick earlier in the cycle or that I slept with my AC blasting from about cd 15 to cd 18 or I simply did not ovulate. Looking at just my OPK and my CM, I would say that my body was fully preparing it self until cd16, but my temps surely do not show a jump around then. I am so confused and just ready for AF to arrive and to prepare for cycle 6.

This month I actually purchased a used clearblue easy fertility monitor for cheap and I am really looking forward to getting started with this. Hopefully this gives me some clearer results than I ever got with regular OPKs. I always felt like I was trying to solve some cryptic message when I was looking at those things. Is it darker than the control? Even if it is only one slip of darkness does it count? Nothing about this TTC business has been easy, except of the sex part. That is something we have no trouble doing. :)

Well I guess I just need to wait out the next week or so and see what happens. Maybe by some miracle I actually O'd this month and I will get surprise a next week. I don't think so, but a girl can hope right?

Updated: After looking at my chart for awhile (yes I tend to obsess over things like this), I decided to disregard one of my sick temps and see if that made a difference. Voila! CH's at cd14 which puts me 8 dpo. I will be able to test just in time to know whether or not I can comfortably drink on my college reunion pub crawl.


Ms. Understood said...

As I was reading through I kept thinking, but there are crosshairs (in regards to you stating you had no detectable O), but I see you update towards the end. Good luck. I hope you can't drink for good reason.

Worry Bud said...

Good luck in the 2ww! hope this is it for you. :)


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