May 24, 2010

Phantom Symptoms?

So the main reason why I am in so much HATE with the 2WW is mostly because of the phantom symptoms (?) I have. Most of the symptoms I am having right now point to me being pregnant, but because of the Clomid, I am not sure what to think. Are my natural hormones causing this, or is it just my medication?

Bubbies (oh how I love thee, Real Housewives of NJ) the size of beach balls? Check! Cravings for things I have never liked in my life such as cappuccino (the foam reminds me of cat vom)? Check! Headaches in the morning? Check! Feeling as though I'm the size of Shamu, the whale? Check yet again.

Seriously? I'm confused.

I used an OPK for about 5 days and it didn't show a surge (Clear Blue Smileys are FANTABULOUS), but I read that if you have PCOS, it may not be accurate. So, back to the drawing board and the waiting game, which for the most impatient person in the world is kind of a problem.

I should be hearing from my doctor's office sometime this week to see if my blood test showed that I ovulated, and I don't know if I'm going to be able to control myself from being "that patient" that calls the office every day asking for an update. If this cycle doesn't work out, I'm really going to push for the Provera since it seemed to snap my body back into cycle previously.

So now I sit and wait, and hope for those two pink lines to make an appearance yet again.


Ms. Understood said...

Good luck with the wait and I hope you are successful this cycle.

C said...

Good luck, I hope the doc gives you good news!
(I saw my first clearblue smiley face yesterday and it *was* fantabulous!!)

Sarcastic Bud said...

Thank you!

C, are you on clomid as well?


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