May 25, 2010

Its a...

We have 18 weeks more to go! I can't believe how fast it has gone. It seems like just yesterday I was peeing on sticks trying to see if that line was real or not. I really can't believe it.

Last week, May 11, 2010, we had our Anatomy Scan. Boy, were we in for a shock. We first saw little Jelly Bean moving away in there. Showing us her/his fingers and toes. Then you see him/her touching her nose with her little finger.

Mr. OB has highlighted the special features of the ultrasound so you can see what he thought was going on:

Yes thats right folks, My husband thinks the little one is picking its nose! Silly boy!

And for the big reveal...

Its a GIRL! I think at first I was in shock. I started bawling. Not because I didn't want a girl just so many emotions came over me. What do I do with a girl? I hate shopping. I'm so not a girly girl. I know more about football than I know about makeup. I hate the color pink. She is doomed.

Then I realized all the little fun things we can do together. Baking (Yum!), Pedicures, Having Tea Parties, Playing Dress up, Dance Recitals, Gymnastics, Getting her ready for her first date (This will not come until she is 18 maybe 19), Sending her off to college (She will NOT go to a party school...Sorry that includes LSU. Just kidding Mr. OB, Just kidding), watching her walk down the aisle with her Daddy, Having her first child. Amazing.

Who knows what a do with a little girl or boy? No one really knows right? Its their first child. You have no idea. They don't come with instruction manuals. One thing I know for sure is that I will promise to never make her do anything she doesn't want to do. I will be the best mom I know I can be. I will love her unconditionally and be there to pick her up when she needs picking up. I know we will butt heads and this is where her father will come in and save the day. Her father will keep me in line. I promise to always be there for her whenever she needs it. I promise to make her own decisions and choices (within reason). We will be best friends but at the same time I will also be her mother. She will be wrapped around her father's finger and when I say no, she will run to him. I'm sure of it. She will have to get a job before she gets a car. And if she wants that expensive purse (which her mother NEVER gets) she will buy it herself. (I know I'm evil).

We will make it. We will survive. There isn't anything better than a mother daughter relationship and now I get to experience it.


Jen J. said...

I love you OB! You are right - you will be the best mama ever & I'm so excited for you to meet your little girl!!!

Ms. Understood said...

I looked at your pic and said girl instantly (I don't even know why). Congrats on your little girl on the way. You've already listed so many of the great things you can do already.

Sunflower Bud said...

Girls are SO much fun!! Not all girls are pink girly girls so don't worry about that at all! Mine loves Handy Manny and tools and trains! Congrats!!


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