April 15, 2010

Had our first appointment with the RE

I chose a practice that seemed tailor made for us. They have an office 5 minutes from where I work and also an office 10 minutes from where I live. Considering I work an hour away from where I live, I was pretty impressed with this! We are able to go back and forth between offices freely because both doctors in the practice visit both offices regularly. They are also open 7 days a week and have extended/late hours on Tuesdays and Thursdays.

I was fully prepared to go in with my guns blazing demanding aggressive treatment. Dr. M was amazingly thorough and detailed. And, blessedly, aggressive. I didn't even need to lay out on the table what I wanted because it was what he immediately suggested.

We're going straight to IUI. We will do one cycle on 100mg of Clomid with IUI.

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Photo Credit

I'm nervous, excited and scared. This month will cost us a little over $2,000. Insurance doesn't cover anything infertility related so we're on our own with the costs. I honestly can't believe we've reached the point where we are paying thousands of dollars to have a baby but we just so badly want to expand our family. We were able to afford to pay for this cycle outright but anything past this, we're going to need to investigate financial options. Our RE's office told us about a program called www.carecredit.com which is a line of credit specifically for health care costs.

So let's hope this cycle works! I'm terrified at how I will feel if it doesn't. I hate how jaded I've become because I already feel like I'm preparing myself for disappointment.


Jen J. said...

GL SF Bud! Keeping you guys in my prayers. :)


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