March 22, 2010

You've Been Served!!!

Yup... it's official. The eviction notice is being served... Sunday March 28th we go in to be induced. That is - if Baby GB doesn't make an appearance before then.

I had my 39 week appointment today - everything looks good! BP was normal, heart rate was a little slower than normal but he was also in the middle of a nap I think so Dr. C wasn't concerned. While there's not really too much more progress going on down there... still not dilating however he's lower and things are starting to open up and soften - she gave us two options:

Option 1) Be admitted to the hospital on Sunday night to administer Cervadil and then on Monday morning I get PITOCIN!!! :) Landon would probably be born sometime Monday afternoon or early Tuesday depending on how well my body takes to the Pitocin.

Option 2) Get scheduled for an early Monday morning appointment with Dr. C to see if anything else is progressing... if not... be scheduled for induction on Wednesday or Thursday anyway?!

Option 3) Wait it out... I'm adding this because it technically is an option but it's not one of MY options :) I'm not willing to wait longer than next week. Call me selfish... but I'm done.

I think we are going to choose option 1... what's 3 or 4 days anyway when I'll already be 40 weeks at that point??? Mr. GB is a little leery of using more drugs than is necessary (yes, I'm getting the epidural - I'm not even going to lie!) but with no progress at this point it kind of looks like we'd be induced either way. I know I know, things can change at a moments notice and Dr. C is hopeful that he'll decide to make an appearance on his own in the next week but we'll see. I have to call tomorrow and let her know what we decide!


Flora Bud said...

Come in baby Gb! I would also take option 1... So excited for you!!! Enjoy these last few quiet days. GL and I hope he comes on his own.

P.s. Woohoo for epidural!!

Jen J. said...

Can't wait to see pics of Little GB!! He'll be the first Bloomin' Baby, woot!!


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