March 23, 2010

There's a baby growing inside me!

BFP: 3.16.2010
3.17.2010 - 14 DPO: hCG: 17, Progesterone: 15
3.19.2010 - 16 DPO: hCG: 45
3.22.2010 - 19 DPO: hCG: 299!!

There's a growing baby inside me! My progesterone isn't quiet where the OB wants it to be, so I get a shot in my booty every week, but thats okay with me! I think we'll do my last draw on Friday when I go in for my injection.

I had a little bit of brown spotting yesterday, but that has since stopped and I am no longer worried sick.

4 weeks 5 days along :D I should be getting an ultrasound either end of next week or beginning of the week after.


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