March 14, 2010

Rising Temps

Take a look at my chart! Isn't it beauuuutiful?!

Yeah, very pretty I know... except STILL no BFP! This is worse than waiting to "O" or waiting during the 2ww! I feel great about this cycle. I've only been charting for two months (this is my third)... but I have a more calm & collected feeling about this cycle. Instead of a stir crazy feeling.

Well... I lied. I've gone through TEN HPTs this last 4 days. Why do I test so early?! I have no idea. I guess I just want to know right away so that I can call my OB right away? Or.. I'm stir crazy!

Hopefully I'll be back in a few days with some good news!


Jen J. said...

Oooo, your chart does look good! Tomorrow's temp will be very important, since it seems CD 12 is when your temp dropped during your 1st cycle. GL!!

The Domestic Princess said...

You're chart is looking amazing. Lots of GL!


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