March 29, 2010

24 weeks.....V-day

Well I've been a bad bud and haven't update in a while. That's wht happens when life gets in the way!

Anyway, I'm back :)

Today I make 24 weeks. The arrival of this milestone came with a huge sigh of relief.
V-day. And no, that doesn't mean Valentine's Day. V-DAY at 24 weeks actually refers to Viability Day. This means that if the baby were to be born now, they would have a chance at survival, although they would spend much time in the NICU. This is just such a blessing to know that we are getting so much closer to meeting this baby and that everyday this baby has a better chance at being born healthy.
Baby LB is moving so much more now. It's amazing. Very strange feeling but amazing all the same. Saturday night and this morning he actually kicked so hard it made my stomach move.

We've gotten a lot accomplished in terms of getting ready for baby.
The bedding was already purchased by Baby LB's great-grandparents....
Dwell Studio for Target Space Baby

Last week we ordered.....
The crib: Peyton Classic Crib by Bonavita

The dresser/changer combo: Peyton Combo by Bonavita

The cover for our Bugaboo Cameleon stroller: Paul Frank Skurvy

We also, bought the paint for the nursery. Silly Litle Blue Birds & Space Hero Blue from the Behr Disney Collection and a decal from Etsy to match the rockets on the bedding. We also picked up some extra shelving for the closet and some little accessories. I scored my diaper bag that I wanted which matches the stroller at Marshalls for $29. It was $80 at BBB. We purchased the Boppy that matches the bedding as well. Not to mention the baby has a ridiculous wardrobe thanks to his auntie and grandma.

Mr. LB is painting and putting up the chair rail on Wednesday. The furniture should be here some time in May. Hopefully.

Baby shower plans are coming along. The invites will go out within the next week.

Things are definitely coming along. It's really amazing how fast the time flies :) We have our 24 week appointment with the OB on Thursday and I'm looking forward to that.

Well that's all for now. I'm hoping tht I'll be able to update much more regularly now.


Erica said...

I love the bedding! Where did you get it from? and what kind of stroller is that?

Worry Bud said...

Love the stroller - very cute! Congrats on hitting V-Day!!

Flora Bud said...

LB you are half way there!!! I am on love with all of your purchases, can not wait to see the nursery. Which stroller did you buy?

Congrats on making it to V-day, not its D-day (Delivery day :) )!

Love Bud said...

Thanks Ladies! The stroller is the Bugaboo Cameleon. They sell special edition covers by Paul Frank. You can buythe stroller with the cover already. We're getting the stroller itself from my SIL but since she's already spending $900 on the stroller I told her we'd get the cover.

The bedding is Dwell Studio for Target :) The pattern is called Space Baby

Blessed Bud said...

I can't believe you are 6 months already! Congrats on reaching V-Day Sweetie and I love that stroller & the bedding ;)


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