February 17, 2010


I am so excited to hand over $500!

I knew that would get your attention. :) I just ordered my #1 most wanted baby item today, thanks to my wonderful husband for getting me this awesome gift! Basically, he is the only one that understood that this is the only thing I wasn't going to budge on. What is it you ask?

2009 UppaBaby Vista Stroller in Denny (red)

Image Source

I fell in love with this stroller quicker than I did Mr. BrainyBud! I'm okay that it doesn't have all the features that the 2010 does, especially finding it on closeout for $200 less than the regular price! Here are the reasons we love it:

  1. It is taller which is nice since we are tall people
  2. The seat sits up higher off the ground which will keep our long-legged LO from dragging his feet on the ground or leaning over to touch the ground
  3. The reversible seat feature

Since we saved so much, we went ahead and got the car seat adapter too so that LO can keep sleeping in his car seat if he wants.

Faith, Love and Baby Flutters,
Mrs. BrainyBud


Flora Bud said...

I am in love with that stroller!! where did you find it in a discount?

Great buy!!

Brainy Bud said...

click on the image source for the $499 one in denny red... or for other colors for $521 go to http://www.dealectiblemommies.com/2010/01/uppababy-vista-stroller-just-521.html


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