February 10, 2010

A snowy follie check #4!

I apologize for not getting on here to update yesterday, but I have been monitoring every day this week, so I've been running back & forth a lot!

First off - this snow has been a gift & a curse this week. Due to how quickly/well my body is responding to the stims, I have had to go in for monitoring every day this week! Thankfully, I have been off due to the snow all week.

Anywho, we (Mr. Worry Bud wouldn't let me drive in alone) drove in to my fertility center's main office this AM during blizzard #2 in my area in less than a week! The roads were pretty horrible w/low visibility, but I really wanted to make it in b/c of my estrogen levels & the amt. of follies I have growing as of last count (approx. 25). Here are the measurements/#s from today's monitoring appt:

Estrogen: 1,619 (up 100 from 1,519 yesterday)

Follies (this office measures the largest 6 on each side):

Left Ovary: 12.3, 16.2, 13.5, 14.3, 14.8, 10.9

Right Ovary: 14.5, 13.1, 15.5, 15.6, 13.8, 12.6

The RE who did my scan this morning said that my RE (Dr. G) is doing an excellent job pacing me b/c I have the potential to "go off to the races" (her words). So thank goodness for my RE's great care - I love him! He is so hands on; prior to starting my cycle, I was a little nervous b/c I go to the largest fertility center in the US (at least that's what their literature says) & I had read a few reviews about my clinic being a factory, but based on my personal experience, that really doesn't seem accurate to me. They have taken excellent care of me so far...Dr. G has either performed or been standing in on almost every single u/s I have had. He could have easily just let the u/s tech do them & give him the reports, but he always stands in & answers any questions I have. I also love my nurse Jane, she is so sweet, awesome & always takes the time to answer all of my 15,908,734 questions!

I'm very happy that my Estrogen only went up by 100 b/c it was climbing pretty fast there for a while. A fellow IVF'er who goes to the same clinic as me said that our clinic usually won't trigger at Estrogen levels above 4,000, but prefer that it not be above 3,000, so I'm looking good so far...whew! The RE who did my scan this AM said they like to see at least 3 follies above 18mm to trigger & it looks like I will be there by Friday since follies tend to grow 1-2mm per day during stims & I have at least 2 more nights of stims (possibly more).

I go back in tomorrow morning for more monitoring - hopefully, I'll be able to go into my regular office. So far, looking good to trigger on Friday!! As always, thanks for all the T&P - it is all very very appreciated!



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