February 16, 2010

The Hamburgler

And I have made it to 8 weeks! Woo hoo! I can't wait to see Jelly Bean (aka Hamburgler) again! I have a feeling if everything goes well.. Please God let everything go well.. I will officially graduate from my RE.

I'm sort of sad actually to tell you the truth. I love him so much. He is so caring, understanding, cute (yes I said cute), sweet, smart, knowledgeable. Man I could go on and on. I wish he could follow me through my whole pregnancy and get to meet and see Olivia or Jack. The good thing is he is very good friends with my OB and my OB is upstairs in the same office building. Maybe one day I can accidentally run into him with our new little one.

I will be happy to graduate but sure am going to miss Dr. H. We are definitely going to see him with #2 if I still have ovulation issues.

So whats going on with me? Lets see. I'm sick. I throw up alot. It has gotten a little better but as weird as it sounds, it makes me all warm and fuzzy inside! Its very reassuring.

I love burgers. I can't get enough burgers. Actually I want sonic now. OH MY GOD, a double cheeseburger sounds ridiculously awesome right now.

I'm tired to the extent that I didn't know I could be tired. Seriously I could sleep all day and still be tired.

I have to pee about a million times in one night.

My pants don't fit.

I ate banana pudding for dinner last night.

I haven't worked out in a week.

I went to the gym yesterday and forgot my pants. Who does that?

Did I mention I barf at night?

Oh and lets not forget the crazy ass dreams I have.

Nipples hurt.

You know what? I wouldn't change this FOR A THING! I absolutely love it. I know lots of women who complain. Who are upset. Why do I have to be sick. Why do my pants not fight. Women that are miserable. But I personally love it. I love knowing I am making a little person. I love that God has given me and Mr. OB this opportunity. I wouldn't trade this for a million bucks. I wouldn't trade it for energy. I wouldn't trade it for a bigger bladder.

This is simply amazing. And for all you ladies out there TTC, DONT GIVE UP! I know its hard. I know how many tears I have shed over this. I know how many times I was upset with God but in the end he came through for us. And that is simply amazing! I thank him every.single.day.


Makeup Bud said...

It makes my heart sing to hear women actually be thankful for all of the downsides to pregnancy. I would give anything to have all those downers if it meant I was able to carry my precious angel to term. Anything.

You're a gorgeous little soul to be so elated! Heartburn, Sickness, ZERO Energy, Bloating, Swollen Feet, Stretch Marks.... all things that a normal person would HATE! But you're thankful!

I think its great! Very happy for you!


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