February 8, 2010

Follie check #2

I went in this morning for my second follie check. Unfortunately, my RE was not in the office this morning, so the other RE from my office stood in during my u/s and one of the nurses physically did the u/s. I have had them before for some other u/s, but I like it better when my RE does it because he shows me what's going on & what he's seeing during the u/s. This RE & nurse just kinda talk to each other, but don't really tell me what they are seeing. The nurse & RE doing my /us spoke in general terms saying that my lining looked great & that I had lots of follies on each ovary...they said everything looked excellent!! I mentioned that Dr. G (my RE) said they'd measuring follies today, and the RE said that they were measuring them. She said there were several that were about 13-14mm (they were the largest) & there were lots more that were less than 11mm & some even smaller than that. The RE told me to make an appointment for Wednesday morning, but to wait on the call later today for directions.

My nurse called about an hour ago & said to stay on the same meds dosage, and to actually come in tomorrow instead of Wednesday due to more crazy snow expected in our area. My estrogen level this morning was 909 - up from 209 on Friday, which is good since my nurse said Estrogen is supposed to increase during your cycle. If all goes well, hopefully I will be triggering later this week & doing the ER this weekend sometime! Thanks for all the thoughts & prayers...I know they are working, so please keep 'em coming!!

PS - BIG GL and T&P to Blessed Bud, who's going in for her ER today!! I hope they gets lots of eggs & you have an excellent fertilization rate! Best wishes!


Ms. Understood said...

Wow! I'm really excited for you. Hopefully this process is smooth and successful for you. I'm surprised that your drs office was open today. Good luck at tomorrow's appointment.

mrs.messi said...

I'm glad everything looks "excellent!" Good luck this week!

Flora Bud said...

Im so happy for your Guys!!! I hope everything continues to go smoothly.

Blessed Bud said...

HUGS WB!!! Looks like you are right on track before you know it you will be at ER ;)


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