February 8, 2010

17 weeks & It's a BOY!

Well on Wednesday was supposed to be our 16 week check up appt. Normally the routine is pee in a cup, weight (still the same as pre-pregnancy), blood pressure (perfect), check for HB and just some questions on how I've been feeling etc. This appt. when about the same with the exception that we asked the OB when he would do an u/s. Since I left my RE @ 7.5 weeks the only u/s I'd had were the NT Scan and repeat with the perinatologist. The OB hadn't done one yet. So we asked since our insurance covers all maternity stuff 100%. He looked at my chart and said we could do one at my next appt. (20 weeks). I told him we had an u/s scheduled for 2 weeks from then, our anatomy scan. He said "oh , okay, do you want to do it today?" so of course I squealed YES!
He filled out his form and then sent me across the hall to their other office where they do the scans.
So I got on the table and the tech started checking around. The first thing we got was Baby LB's HB which was 146bpm, then we saw his hand up and saying "hello!", then as she moved around and before she even asked if we wanted to know the sex I already knew what it was :) I said "well, that looks like HIS penis so I'm guessing it's a BOY?"
She said yes and I just started laughing...hysterically. Not the reaction I had planned on having but it's what happened lol. I've been calling Baby LB a "he" since the day I found out I was pregnant. I've always just had this feeling. The funny comes from the fact that I'm usually NEVER right about guessing genders. DH was beyond thrilled, he got very emotional and could no stop grinning from ear to ear all day. The rest of the scan went well Baby was laying on his back so we got a nice profile shot of him. I really think he's going to end up looking like my husband which would be kinda funny since Mr. LB is an exact duplicate of his father. Baby LB has the cutest little nose! I can't stop looking at him.
After the appt. we went to lunch and bought a few items for our boy :)

Re: the pregnancy.
The last couple of weeks have been uneventful except for the baby flutters! Those have been amazing. Aside from still being tired at around 4:00pm every day, I've been feeling good. My next appt. is the 17th for the anatomy scan. My OB says everything looks great and that if everything looks good with the anatomy scan next week we should be good to go!
at our next appt. with the OB we'll have another u/s so it'll be nice to see the LO every 2 weeks.

Re: getting ready for Baby LB!
We've started the process of emptying out the office which will eventually becoming Baby LB's room. It's definitely proving to be a PITA but it's all worth it. I heard from the baby store that the crib will take about 2.5 months to arrive. So the plan is to order it by next month so it will be here some time in mid-May. The carpets in this room need to be re-don so we're hoping to have the room painted before that happens. Painting will most likely be done next month and the carpet change following that. There's a lot to do!

We're both very excited with this very big change. I still thank God everyday for the blessing of our baby. I still really can't believe that I actually get to become "Mommy". It's such a long way from the days that I truly felt it was never going to happen.


Jen J. said...

A boy - yay!! Congrats LB! Don't forget to post pics of the nursery progress. :o)

Flora Bud said...

Congrats on the little Boy!!! That is awesome that you were able to see him before the 17th.. YAY!!

GL with preparing the little one's room, now all the fun shopping begins!

Ms. Understood said...

Congrats. Yay, a healthy boy is on the way. Can't wait to see pics of the nursery.

Blessed Bud said...

Congrats Sweetie! Little Boys are awesome. Yes I am going to ditto WB we want nursey pics LOL ;)


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