February 15, 2010

FINALLY got fert report #2!!

I literally thought I would die waiting for today's report. Seriously. I have definitely been trying very hard to think positively & be optimistic after my semi depressing post yesterday, but it has really been rough. I have been constantly praying & thinking positive thoughts about our 4 embies, and so far, combined with everyone else thinking of us, I feel like it is working! The good news is: all 4 are still growing & dividing!!! Big Smile I'm so happy/relieved to hear this....so far, we have (the nurse said they just look @ the # of cells @ this point; didn't/couldn't provide grades):

1 - 5 cell
2 - 4 cells
1 - 2 cell

I am scheduled for a 3dt tomorrow @ 2:45pm. Since I have been out of work for almost 2 weeks, I plan on going into the office for the morning & then leaving early to go to the ET. At around 1pm, Mr. Worry Bud will come by my job to pick me up & we'll head over to my RE's main office (where all the ERs & ETs take place) & get there by 2:15pm.
Then, I have to do 24 hours bed rest. I will likely work from home on Wednesday while I finish out my 24 hours of bed rest. My nurse says there is still a chance for a 5dt on Thursday, but she won't really know until tomorrow morning around 10am. I would be okay with waiting until Thursday, but either way, I definitely want to transfer at least 2! And tomorrow, I'll definitely remember my penguin socks Chef Bud sent me. ;oP

Thanks to all of you who have been thinking of us, praying for us, sending us positive vibes, etc. I KNOW they are working, so please keep them coming...my embies need them!

Please God, let this be it for us.


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