January 16, 2010


I wish that I had more wonderful and exciting news to post, but there are a few wonderful things that I am pretty excited and optimistic about.

First, my fellowship starts this week. I will be doing some awesome work in public policy and hopefully making connections in my field, and the field I hope to go into, so I am really really stoked. I am expecting to learn a lot and add some great experience to my resume.
And speaking of resume, I had 2 people personally refer me for positions within their companies this week. Woot woot! It is always nice to have your name in with the hiring manager before the position is even posted. One of the positions I was told they want to "move quickly" on, so I am at least hoping for an interview. It's not immediately in my field, but has great transferrable skills, so I would take it. I hope that I get that chance!

Also, DH was invited to test for a government position he was interested in, so although it is still 2 weeks out, we are hoping for a good outcome on that one.

It really really blows having your life be put on hold because of job circumstances. It is one thing that is barely within our realm of control, especially in this economy, and even doing everything we possibly can doesn't mean that mountains will move and opportunities will come our way. We WANT to start our family. We NEED to sort out our employment situation first.

It is nice to have a glimmer of hope that our wait might not be much longer. I am trying to stay optimistic on that!



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