January 16, 2010

I Outed Myself

Mr. Sassy Bud and I have been keeping the TTC business pretty hush-hush for the past year. The only people that are aware that we have been trying (unsuccessfully) are his parents, my older sister, and one close friend/neighbor. I prefer to keep my personal business just that, personal.

I had dinner with a friend this past week. She is one of my closest friends, and also a self-proclaimed baby-hater. She has made it quite obvious that she does not, and may never want to have children. We've had the discussion about children many times before and she always comments about how I better not get pregnant anytime soon. Those comments have gotten past the point of annoyance to me, and now are just down right rude. This conversation happened to come up again when we were at dinner. So, I told her- about TTC for the past year, about the trouble I have had, and how frustrating it has been to me. My decision to tell her was mostly due to not wanting to hear her negative comments anymore, and if/when I do get KU I really don't think I could handle what I'm sure would come out of her mouth if she hadn't understood the whole process. Overall, I think it went well. Besides making a stabbing motion towards her head with the chopstick, she didn't really say much besides that she understands why I feel this is a good time for us to TTC.

In other news, today is CD17. My chart overlay is showing that my temps are very similar to last cycle (ended with Provera at CD84). I'm optimistically waiting to O, but I'm not getting my hopes up. My annual ob/gyn appointment is in February (along with my one-year TTC anniversary), so if I haven't made any progress by then, I will see what her plan for us is. Until then, I'm being patient and keeping busy.


Worry Bud said...

GL Sassy Bud. I hope this cycle goes well for you! Make sure your Dr. takes you seriously & orders some testing for you & Mr. SB so you can get some answers. :o)


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