January 11, 2010

So that's what that was...

When I went to the doctor last Monday I had been spotting on and off since right after Christmas. My lining was thin, my follies were small and my trigger was cancelled. I continued spotting all week and then Friday I found myself with full-on flow. But if this was my period it was over 7 days early! The flow continued through Saturday and then stopped altogether on Sunday. I called my nurse this morning and after describing everything she thought it was probably my period, making today CD 4 and with that I had to schedule a last minute appointment to go in for my baseline sono and to get my prescription for my last month, last ditch effort of femara/estrogen patches/HCG trigger/progesterone. I go back on the 21st for my midmonth check. I've stocked up on pomegranate juice, cut out most alcohol (hey, I give myself two glasses of wine on the weekend...with all that I'm going through I deserve it!), have been listening to fertility meditation CDs and am trying to stay calm and stress-free so my body can be healthy and ready for a little baby to make itself comfortable.

Mr. CB and I also decided today that if all looks good on my midmonth check (a manageable number of good sized follicles and a lining over 7 mm) we will be doing an IUI this month. My insurance covers half of an IUI, so we figured we may as well do everything we can to maximize our chances this month.

In other life news, we are the proud owners of a brand new laptop! My old laptop was ancient by computer standards (bought in early 2003) and I have been feeling like it was going to kick the bucket any minute. I asked my family for Best Buy gift cards or "computer cash" for Christmas and we got enough to almost completely pay for it! It's a shiny black Toshiba Satellite with lots of ram and gigs and memory and all that computer stuff. I had our tech guy at work help me pick one out so I know it's good, but I just care that it has a big screen, surfs the web at a fast speed and burns CDs and movies. It's so much fun getting new big girl toys!

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Jen J. said...

GL CB - I hope this cycle works out for you!!


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