January 18, 2010

One week from today

we will know what our future lies ahead... will we be able to TTC naturally? or will we need medical help, IUI, IVF? I really hope this week goes by fairly quickly.

I already had my Varicella Vaccine (chickenpox) on 1/6 and have to wait at least two months before TTC again, the effects of this vaccine on a developing fetus is unknown. In theory, the vaccine could cause birth defects similar to those that can occur from natural chickenpox (for example, limb abnormalities including absence or underdevelopment, abnormal brain development, mental retardation, scarring of the skin, and eye abnormalities). Read more info Here . The wait is fine with us since we have to wait for our RPL results before we start TTC again.

Hope you have a great work week and will keep you posted on our results... I cant believe are finally finished all the testing.



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