January 13, 2010

On BCPs for IVF now!

Literally hours after my last post AF arrived & the beginning of my IVF journey began! As soon as AF arrived, I called my IVF nurse. She wasn't in that day, so I called the backup nurse & left a message. The other nurse called me back in about an hour & told me everything I need to know to get this cycle started. She instructed me to start BCPs on Friday, January 8th and continue them thru Thursday, January 28th. I also scheduled my mock embryo transfer & injection training course for next Friday, January 22nd. If all goes well at the mock transfer, then I will be accepted into my center's Shared Risk program. That same day, I will plan on applying for the loan to cover the costs of my cycle(s) (after Mr. Worry Bud & I put down about $2K, it'll be just about $20K). Once we get the receipt from our Dr.'s office, we will submit it to our FSA to get reimbursed for the $10K.

The nurse also sent me my IVF calendar: I start Lupron injections & baby aspirin on January 26th; my estimated Egg Retrieval (ER) is February 13th (the day before Valentines!) & my estimated Egg Transfer (ET) is February 16th (the day after my Mom's birthday & days before Mr. WB's!). I am hoping to have lots of good looking embryos on day 3 & hopefully make it to a 5-day blastocyst transfer. At our IVF consult, we discussed the risks with our RE & he agreed with our desire to transfer two embryos vs. the one he originally recommended! So, hopefully our busy month of February will end in happy birthday news for both my mom & Mr. WB!!

I also got a call from my insurance company regarding the medication prescribed for this cycle, which consists of:
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I had to wait until Monday to get the cost of the meds from my insurance company, but I had the option of going thru another mail order pharmacy that my insurance covers & they were almost $300 cheaper! So, the estimated costs of the meds are going to cost a little under $350 including needles & shipping! I know that is it WAAAY more expensive for many other women undergoing IVF treatment, so I feel very blessed to at least have prescription coverage for the IVF drugs.

Oh & last, but not least, I am seeing an IF counselor for a one-on-one session this Friday, January 15th. I'm not sure exactly everything we will discuss, or even that sure of my expectations for the session, but I am very interested in any coping strategies she can suggest for the roller coaster of emotions that I know my upcoming IVF cycle will bring. My clinic also has a FREE IVF support group meeting next Thursday & I am considering attending that. I just want to make sure that I am emotionally as ready as possible since I believe that the mind-body connection is a very important & often overlooked component of IF treatment. That's all I got for now...thanks for all the thoughts & prayers - please keep 'em coming!


Glow Bud said...

T&P WB!!! I'm really glad you are sharing your journey - I hope all goes smoothly for you!

Love Bud said...

Lots of T&P's coming your way WB!
I hope that this is exactly what you needed to get your BFP!


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