January 3, 2010

Oh Baby!

So I completely forgot I was going to do an update after my 11wk doctors appointment on December 30th. Somehow I manage to update my personal blog, but forgot to add my update here. So here goes!

Little Daisy Bud's new brother or sister is due July 20th, 2010. For those of you who remember, his due date was July 20th, 2008. It's so crazy that we ended up with the same due date again. I had my first actually appointment with the doctor December 30th. So far everything is looking good. It took forever for the doctor to find the little stinker's heartbeat because it kept hiding. We did in the end hear it. The due date is probably one of the only things that my pregnancy with Little Daisy Bud and with this baby have had in common. With Little Daisy Bud, I was nauseous pretty much in the morning. I threw up every once in a while. With this baby, I am nauseous almost every afternoon and evening but mornings are fine most of the time. I've only thrown up once. With Little Daisy Bud, I couldn't stand the smell of chocolate or pretty much any sweets (Christmas was rough that year). With this baby, I love sweets. With Little Daisy Bud, I craved protein and loved hamburgers (as long as I didn't have to see raw meat.) With this baby all meat grosses me out even when cooked. I can stomach chicken sometimes. Gatorade was my magic trick to make it through the day with my first. This baby seems to think it's far too sweet.

Mr. Daisy Bud and I joked with the doctor about her 4th of July weekend plans (since she was out of town that weekend when Little Daisy Bud came). She said as long as it could avoid the U2 concert on June 27th, she'd be there this time.

We are still up in the air on whether we will attempt a VBAC. That's one of the best things about my clinic, the choice is mine as long as a c/s isn't needed for safety reasons. The plan right now is to wait until much closer to my due date to know exactly what we're dealing with. I just don't want to get it in my head that the birth will go one way, when in fact things could change at the last minute. My tentative thoughts at this point are to set a c/s date at 39 wks. If I go into labor before that and things look good, I would attempt a VBAC. From what I've read so far, the success rates of VBAC lessen after 39 wks and c/s are the safest at that point. It also looks like inductions will never be an option for me. I'm also at a higher risk of having another breech baby since Little Daisy Bud was breech. (I can't find any good statistics on this to know how much more likely this is, but I did read it in a legitimate medical article, so this means it would have to be statistically significant.)


Worry Bud said...

So glad to hear everything is going well!!


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