January 27, 2010

Biopsy Scheduled

for tomorrow!!!!!

Yesterday I started looking at my chart and was still in the 11-13 DPO window that is required for the biopsy. If I would have waited for next month, I would not have been able to do it because we are going to be in NYC that week for the DH business and in March is our anniversary so I'm sure that we are going to travel to celebrate. So I would have had to wait until April for the Biopsy and then start TTC.

Its not that I am in a rush to start TTC again, but I want to close this chapter in our lives of all this testing and move on. It would have drained me prolonging the biopsy and worried that maybe the problem lies there. Hopefully since our blood work came back fine the biopsy will too.

Tomorrow when I met with the RE I'm going to request the progesterone so that we can start trying next month.

Happy Hump day!!


Worry Bud said...

That's exciting to finally be coming to an end of the testing!! GL with all the remaining results. I am continuing to keep you in my T&P and hope your RE can help you get your sticky BFP soon!!


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