January 4, 2010

12 weeks....

So last week's NT Scan went better than we could have ever imagined. Granted, the tech did not get the measurements she needed but we didn't really care because we got to see our baby and watching him/her moving around in there was absolutely amazing. We also got to hear the heartbeat for the first time which was the greatest sound ever. Baby LB was measuring about 3-5 days ahead of schedule. Mr. LB said it was all the yummy food and protein I had over the holidays that gave Baby LB a boost. Lol. He was very proud to say the least. We both shed a tear, it was a very exciting and emotional experience.
The best part is we get to do it all again this Wednesday. Hopefully Baby LB will cooperate this time so they can get the measurements they need. I only have another week and 6 days to get this scan right before it's too late.

Thursday we'll be seeing the OB again. Last time we saw him was at 8.5 weeks so it'll have been 4 weeks since. Looking forward to checking progress according to him. Hoping everything looks like it's supposed to.

The NT Scan definitely made me feel better about everything. Don't get me wrong I still worry but it's much more suppressed. I really wanted to start enjoying this whole experience.
On Saturday DH and I had lunch with MIL and then went to
BuyBuy Baby to check it out. They opened a new one about 40 minutes from us (previously the closest was over an hour away). It was awesome. We had a great time checking things out. I wanted to show Mr. LB some of the items I'd been scoping out for the last year. We didn't do our wedding registry in the store but we definitely will with this. After that we went to IKEA and walked around, bought a few things. We spotted a mommy with a version of the stroller I want in a pattern we'd never seen. We asked her where she got it and Sunday I found it online. It's only good for a boy so we'll see. Mr. LB was super stoked about this pattern. So much so he has prohibited me from posting it online because he doesn't want it to be sold out when and if we go to buy it.

It's pretty amazing in itself watching the man you love go through this transformation in to being a dad and getting excited about baby things. If you met my husband you definitely would not get that initial impression of him being a mushy sentimental guy. He's really surprised me. It makes me fall in love with him in a whole new incredible way.

As far as how I've been feeling, I can't complain too much. I've been getting some headaches during the day but nothing unbearable. Still getting nausea at night on some days but again, nothing unbearable. Finding foods that sound appealing is still a task. Cravings are becoming a little more frequent. For the most part the baby has been good to me. I still think it's a boy but honestly I couldn't care either way. As long as he/she is hear and healthy in 6 months I'm a happy camper!


Jen J. said...

Oh LB, I am so happy to hear everything is going great! Congrats again!


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