December 3, 2009

Interesting first appointment

I had my first appointment on Monday. Because it was just for lab work, I had Mr. Daisy Bud stay home with Little Daisy Bud. The appointment started out well with me turning in all my medical history paperwork. We talked about the H1N1 shot and decided I should get it.
Then came the blood work. I am very squeamish and tend not to do well with having my blood taken. I also have fairly small veins and quite often the lab techs have difficulties finding them. So the lab tech tries my left arm first. She gets nothing. (We think I was dehydrated.) At this point, I get dizzy and nauseous and make friends with the trashcan. The lab tech decides that it make work better if I lie down and drink some juice before she tries again. I start to feel better, so she tries again. She gets a tiny amount before it stops. Not wanting to poke me again, she decides to look at my file to see who was able to successfully take my blood the last time was in. Lab Tech #2 then tries the first arm again with little luck. She then decides to use my hand instead. I had never had blood taken there before. It was painful!
My next appointment is December 30th. We should hopefully get to hear the heartbeat then. I can't wait!


Glow Bud said...

Oh man! Your're comment about making friends with the trash can had me LMAO - hopefully they got what they needed and you won't have to go through that again!

Chef Bud said...

That happened to me when I had to do my bloodwork to test my hormone levels! They tried to take it out of my hand and only got half of what they needed. I hate giving blood!


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