December 24, 2009

HSG.. Check!

Let me start off by saying I was scared to death this was going to hurt!! I have had my hemorrhoids removed and whoever has been through that knows that
anesthesia needle is nothing to play with and I kept thinking it was going to be the same pain. A lot of the girls on a local board told me their experience and it kind of relived me.

Everything went super smooth and it did not hurt one bit, except a little cramping once the dye started to fill up my cervix. The doctor was AMAZING as he told me everything he was doing step by step and what he thought as each section filled up with dye. There were two tv panels on the side that I was able to see my cervix and ovaries fill up with the dye.

I do think that it helped that I took 800mg of Motrin (ibuprofen) 2 hours before and continued to take them for 2 days.

They gave me a picture to bring home to show Mr. Bud and he was so amazed.

Next step is progesterone blood work on Monday and my LAST test on Thursday. Keep you updated!!

Have a Merry Christmas!!



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