December 24, 2009

Bad Blogger= Me

Life has been rather crazy lately. My work shifts were moved from their regular 5:30am start time to a 4:30 start time because of the store opening earlier for holiday hours. Messing with a pregnant woman's sleep does not lead to good things. On my days off, I still wake up at 3:30am, which is starting to drive me crazy!
As far as pregnancy news, there's not a whole lot to share. I'll have to take a belly shot soon because there is no denying I'm pregnant now. This baby refuses to hide. :) My secret fear is that there is more than one in there. And not that it would really be a bad thing. It would just make life a little more challenging.
I still feel
nauseous most afternoons and evenings, but I haven't thrown up at all. Probably my worst complaint is that I have food aversions to pretty much everything. Hopefully this will lessen as I get farther along.
I have my next doctors appointment Dec 30
th. I am so anxious to hear the baby's heart beat. Once I hear that I'll be able to relax a little bit.



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