December 28, 2009

Already dreaming of next Christmas

It brings a huge smile to my face when I think that next Christmas we will have a 6 month old in the family. It only brings a little anxiety when I look at our already packed truck and try to picture how we are going to fit a car seat plus all the things that go with baby in it next year for the 3.5 hour drive to Wichita to see my family. I'm sure it will all work out some how.

Baby Hopeful Bud got quite a few presents this year. The best was from my mom. She cleaned and fixed one of my baby blankets and gave it to us. It will be a perfect one to lay Baby HB on the floor on. Santa brought Mr. Hopeful Bud a onesie that said "I'm kind of a big deal!" My uncle from NYC gave the baby a NY Yankees onesie, bootie and hat. If Baby HB is a girl, we will just have to replace the hat with a big bow. The LO also got a couple bibs, teething toys and an adorable snuggie.

As for how I am doing at 17 weeks, all I can say is great! I feel wonderful. I'm so excited to hear Baby HB's heart beat again this week (Wednesday). While the Bella Band is a life saver, I'm thinking it's getting almost time to go invest in some maternity jeans, because I'm starting to get a little uncomfortable.

Sorry, not more exciting things to update you on. I'll post about our appt. on Wednesday.

Take care and stay hopeful!



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