November 9, 2009

Woot, 7 - almost 8 DPO!!

I have no clue what is going on this cycle - but believe me I am not complaining! I am praising the good Lord up above that he has blessed me with a longer LP this cycle - perhaps even....maybe, just MAYBE a BFP?! How wonderful would it be if after all my LP issues, I just got a BFP this cycle - before even moving forward with the RE?! Miracles DO happen & I have been praying the He would give me a sign if I should proceed with the RE's plan (after testing, essentially going on some low dose fertility meds - most likely Clomid for a few cycles) or just wait it out. Call me crazy, but I feel like this may be a sign to wait it out. I have been thinking about all of this all weekend. Hmm...

As far as how I feel...well, for the past few days I have been having a tingly/sorta crampy/soreness in my ute area. This usually means AF is on her way & she may be, but either way my LP is MUCH longer than the past what 3 cycles?! I have been exhausted & slept most of the day yesterday, but I am attributing that to my loco crazy weekend. And finally, I have had to pee soooo much today. Writing off all these symptoms as "phantom" unless I have something else to confirm them. My temps have been looking amazing & then this AM, my temp dropped a bit. It is still way above my cover line, but I'm interested to see how tomorrow morning's temp looks.

My plan is to wait it out...not get too excited. If I do get AF in the next few days, then I will call my RE & get my/DH's testing started - going to get the initial b/w he ordered done on Wednesday when I'm off. If the tests show no issues, I actually may wait it out until the new year (or longer), so we only have to pay my annual $300 deductible once. If no AF by Thursday or Friday (10-11 DPO), then I will POAS! I'm very excited at this prospect b/c I haven't POAS (an HPT anyways) since my 1st cycle off BCPs since my LP has been sooo short. So, that's it - I'm staying calm - hoping that my LP lengthens to at least a normal number of days OR...even better...a BFP!



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