November 3, 2009

Well that figures

Open Enrollment has come around, once again, for Mr. Sunshine Bud and me. For 2009, after running the numbers, I decided that I’d cover both of us since it financially only made sense.

Well my company has decided to change their health insurance provider for 2010, so I once again have to make the calls to the various insurance companies to see what type of coverage they provide for Infertility. As I suspected – neither company has chosen to provide any type of infertility treatment. Oh sure, they cover you to figure out (test) what the problem is but not to treat it.

Please keep in mind that this is NOT the insurance company’s choice this is our EMPLOYERS choice. So where does this take us? Who knows but we will need to save the money up and I will also be researching infertility insurance providers and I’m really not looking forward to that part at all. We already pay a ton of money for insurance, yet we need more.

I guess we ARE special snowflakes. Ugh – I hate, really truly hate this. I hate that for some of us it is such a battle to have such a special thing. ARGh this sucks.

Well, until my next breakdown,

Sunshine Bud


Flora Bud said...

I am so sorry to hear this... Our companies are really screwing over their employees.

Courtney said...

It doesn't make sense why most insurance companies are all for finding out the why, but when the let's fix it comes in to play, its not acceptable. So stupid! Keep your head up!!

Chef Bud said...

Insurance sucks.


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