November 3, 2009

15 weeks have gone by!

Well I have to start of by saying I have been a bad blogger. My home computer has a bad virus so I haven't been able to blog from home. I only have limited time available at work so my posts will probably be pretty short for a while unless I get lucky.
Sunday marked the 15 week point. We got our 1st piece of baby furniture on Saturday.
My grandparents offered us the use of the cradle my grandfather built when my aunt was born 39 years ago. Once we get it put together and up I will have to get some pictures taken of it. We are definitely working on trying to figure out a boys name(have a girls name already) and figuring out when to take our prenatal classes.

There hasn't been too much going on other than that and I have 2 weeks until my next OB appointment. 
So in passing I leave you with my 15 week "bump" picture.



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