November 8, 2009

Putting It On Hold

Well, we decided to put TTC on hold for now. We are going in to talk to a financial advisor on November 24th, and will see what they think. We are not destitute, and we aren't over extended, but Mr. Snow Bud is not completely comfortable with our financial situation, mainly the hit to our savings, to TTC right now. We have decided to put it on hold for at least 6 months. As of February 2011, Mr. Snow Bud will be re-enlisting into the military, where we will get a nice sized bonus to pad our savings, so that is our "final resort" if our savings aren't where we want them to be by then. I have complete faith that we will build it back much sooner than that, but it's nice to know that at the very least, I won't have to wait any later than June 2010.

Anyway, I'm really trying not to think about it. I was at a get together with families for Mr. Snow Bud's work this last Friday, and two of the wives just had babies. It just about made my heart drop, I think I really had to work on fighting back tears. It's hard.

Mr. Snow Bud and I decided that I won't go back on birth control, as I want my period as regulated as possible, so will be charting until then. I figure if anything, you can now keep up with me TTA for now!

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Thanks so much for all the support I've received, I truly appreciate it!

Until next time,
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Sunshine Bud said...

I'm sorry to hear this but I can also completely understand. Good Luck!

Jen J. said...

Good luck SB! You have to do what's best for your situation - best wishes.

Oh & FWIW...I think it's very smart to not get back on BCPs int he mean time.


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