November 17, 2009

Not Much To Report!

Well, it's very odd going from full blown TTC to TTA. Your life becomes so non-consumed with things that were previously so important to you.

I noticed that I haven't been to FF in a week or two, I haven't thought about AF coming, or whether or not I should have a drink, or whether or not I remembered my B6. I tell you, it's all so boring!

We are still on track to continue TTC in a few months, and that's okay. Mr. Snow Bud and I talk about having babies constantly, although I think he's trying to get out of the mentality more so than I am. He just keeps saying that our time will come. He's right.

I'm currently waiting for AF to show up, once she does, I am going to TTA with charting. I don't think charting will be QUITE as fun knowing that I'm not TTC, but it will be good to figure out my body and know it inside and out when our time comes.

So, I suppose back to my somewhat normal before TTC life, a lot of that revolves around school. I graduate December 5 from massage therapy school, I cannot wait.

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Until next time,
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Jen J. said...

Ohh massage therapy school! I wish you lived in VA! GL TTA...let us know how it goes for you.

Shawna0116 said...

Oooh, good luck with that board test. Its the hardest thing I ever had to study and pass!


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