November 11, 2009

Motherhood at 35

Let me start by saying I hope that my thoughts and opinions don't offend anyone as this is not my intent with this post.

I recently turned 35 (last week) and age is a topic I have seen come up again and again. A lot of people ask when is the right time to have a baby? Well for me the right time is now (well in April really). Yes I am going to be a 1st time mom at age 35 but I think I wouldn't have been ready 5-10 years ago whatsoever.

At 25 I was still trying to figure out who I was.

At 30 I was still finding out if Mr. Daffodil Bud and I could weather the storms that make relationships so tough, at that time we didn't need to add a little one to the mix. We did figure out that we can make it through just about anything together and we got married a few months before I turned 34.

This year shortly before our 1st anniversary we found out we were pregnant so here I am 35 and pregnant. I am so happy to be here and can't wait for certain milestones like hopefully finding out in a few weeks if baby Daffodil Bud is a boy or a girl.

I am of the thought that if you are 25 and want a baby or 45 and want a baby if you are prepared to love it, nurture it and be there for it then that time is your right time to have a baby. I never wanted to fill some arbitrary time line of when things would happen in my life. I had been I probably would have been very disappointed in where I was at at certain times instead of letting things come as they need to in my life.

So yes I am going to be a 1st time mommy at 35 and I am loving the thought and hopefully will love the reality once it hits!

Now on to a quick fun thing for this week. I am 16 weeks and 3 days along today this picture was taken on Monday and I figured I would share with all our faithful readers.


Sunshine Bud said...

Awesome post! I love it.

Elizabeth said...

i'm lizzie1184 from the getting pregnant board on the nest and i just wanted to say that you are awesome!

I am 25 but my Mom had me when she was 37 years old (and this was in 1984). You are an amazing women for knowing what you want and going after it! I hope you have h&h 9 months

Stef said...

Aw, great post! I am only 25 but I totally agree with you. My parents were in their late 20's when they had me, and my DH parents were 35 and 37. :) **hugs Daff**


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