November 25, 2009

I've been a bad blogger

I've been a bad blogger and I do apologize. So I'll provide several posts over the next few days to catch readers up.

On Tuesday, Nov 17th, I had an ultrasound as it was CD 16 and I hadn't seen an LH surge yet. My RE didn't want to miss the surge thus throwing this cycle out the window.

The ultrasound showed 3 follicles on the left that were large and ready to release. On the right side was 2 large and 1 nearly ready follicle that were ready. My lining looked great - 3 layers and nice and fluffy is what the u/s tech told me.

Now there were concerns over the number of follicles that were ready to release. We had to have a conversation discussing the fact that 4-5 of the eggs could be fertilized. We are just hoping for 1 egg - but honestly, I'm well aware of the potential for more.

At the end of the appointment, I was given the HCG trigger to help the eggs release within the next 24 to 36 hours.

Well that's it for the appointment on the 17th. The next post will be about the actual IUI.

Until next time,
Sunshine Bud



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