November 25, 2009

I so wanted to find a picture of Joey from Friend's when he showed up for Thanksgiving wearing a pair of Phoebe's maternity pants and called them his "turkey pants." The thought of buying a pair of maternity jeans for tomorrow has crossed my mind more then once. I'm still able to wear my regular jeans, but I plan on eating a lot of mashed potatoes tomorrow so wearing something a little more comfortable sounds like a good plan to me.

This week I have been fighting a terrible cold. It sucks to be sick, period. But to be sick and pregnant is even worse. The two things that finally helped me were Mucinex D and Shower Soothers. I think I will probably use Shower Soothers by Vicks even when I'm not sick and congested. As soon as you turn on the water your shower is filled with eucalyptus vapors. It's heavenly. Shower Soothers gets two thumbs up from me.

Also this week I am 12 weeks pregnant. The only new that I can tell is that I get really dizzy, especially after eating. I've also been getting more headaches then usual. Considering I had very minimal morning sickness and very few other pregnancy symptoms I will take the brief dizziness episodes.

On Monday we have our second appointment, we will be 13 weeks!! I can't wait to hear the heartbeat for the first times. I will post about our appointment next week.

Happy Thanksgiving everyone! Take care and remain hopeful!



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