November 11, 2009

I can imagine only one feeling better....

...than the feeling I have right now: seeing a positive pregnancy test.

For the first time in 5 days, I didn't wake up crying, I don't have hives on my face, and i don't have chest pain.

For the first time in 5 days, I have hope.

It turns out I was wrong about the amount of sperm we have. We have even less than I thought.

We don't have 1.8 total motile after wash. We have 1.8 total motile BEFORE wash. Which means after wash we would have bupkis and it is now totally irrelevant.

Because our fabulous RE got our insurance company to approve our IVF cycle.

35-ish days and counting until egg retrieval (ER).

Our first medication teaching will be next week. Our second will be the week after that.
And maybe, JUST maybe, we'll be pregnant by new years.

Where did this hope come from?


Domestic Princess said...

My fingers and toes are crossed for you guys.

Courtney said...

Same here - so happy and hopeful for you and Mr. Dandelion Bud!

Daisy Bud said...

Hope is a wonderful thing! Thoughts and prayers that a BFP will be in your near future.

Daffodil Bud said...

I so hope that you get that BFP to start 2010!! Best of luck!

Worry Bud said...

Best wishes DB - I hope hope hope you get your Christmas miracle!


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