November 10, 2009

Happy 2nd Anniversary to Us!

I've been a bad blogger but I didn't want to jump the gun on any details until I knew what the final outcome was. So here's the story......

Last Monday, I went in for my P4 blood work I got the results back on Wednesday. They were really low @ 6.5. They should have been at 15+ on a medicated cycle or at least above 10 which is what you need in order to sustain a healthy pregnancy. I was crushed. I thought it was over and the cycle had failed. I had been very negative about the whole thing and really tried not to think too much about it. Anyway....The nurse that called to give me my results called back after speaking with my RE and they decided to put me on P4 supplements.

I was to pick them up the next day. Thursday, which was 11dpt. I had already put it in my calender that I would test at 11dpt because I had heard the trigger only stays in your system for 10 days. So that morning I woke up and POAS.

The result....

I honestly thought I was hallucinating.
Once I got home from picking up my P4 supplements at the RE's office, I told Mr. LoveBud. He then proceeded to sing "We Are the Champions" in honor of his "boys" and hugged and kissed me. He was very excited. Since the RE's nurse was not there when I picked up the supps. I called and left a message regarding the HPT. The nurse called back and told me it was most likely a false positive. Totally bummed. I then spent several hours googling how long the trigger stays in your system.
Google is the enemy.
But, in an effort to be proactive, the next day I went and bought two digitals before a wedding rehearsal and promptly stopped at my nearest Staples and took the first one. The result....

That was followed by another digi the next day and 2 more Dollar Store tests in the days following. All with the same result. So, yesterday I went for my beta. Today, I took Dollar Store test #3 (obsessive much? I think so) at about 7am and waited all day for the nurse to call....

at 3:00pm she finally did and what better day than our anniversary to find out that my beta came in at 102!
My P4 went up to 23.9!

We are cautiously thrilled beyond belief! After 18 long months....finally?! Really?!

I keep looking at the tests just to reassure myself.

I got in for another beta on Friday and if all is well we should have our first u/s by 11.23

Aside from the readers here, my DH, my BFF's and my aunt, we haven't told anyone and really want to wait until after our first u/s to tell the family. We'll probably wait until Christmas to tell the rest of our friends.

We're just praying for this baby to stick around for the next 8 months or so. We'd really like to meet him/her. :) Any sticky dust you can spare would be greatly appreciated!

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