November 9, 2009

Day 3 of Clomid - aka Holy Hot Flashes Batman!

Well after taking last night’s dose of Clomid, I went to bed and felt fine. No side effects! I was really thinking I was getting off easy. Oh I wish I had never had that thought in my head.

About midnight, I had a full-on hot flash / night sweat. Wowee! Well needless to say, it woke me up and there I lay, in bed, on top of the covers, trying (desperately) to cool off. I hope I don’t have any more that bad!

I will say this – I feel fortunate that I’ve only had minor side effects. Of course Mr. Sunshine Bud has referred to me as Medusa.

But that too, is nothing new! Just his loving way of telling me to simmer down and be charming!

So that is really it for Day 3 – and now some Hot Flash humor for this fine Monday!

And who doesn’t love Maxine and her wealth of wisdom? Power surge anyone?

Until the next hot flash, errr I mean Power Surge,
Sunshine Bud

Note to self – maybe my bud name is playing into the whole hot flash phenomena??!!


Jen J. said...

LOL...SB, maybe it IS your Bud Name! GL this cycle!!


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