November 19, 2009

And now we wait...

Yesterday was a big day - I had my HSG & Mr. Worry Bud dropped off his "sample" for the SA. Those were the final two big tests that we have to go thru. We need some additional routine b/w done as well & will probably get that done tomorrow on our day off. I will be sooo happy when we get thru with all this testing & *hopefully* find that there is nothing wrong with either of us! As I have mentioned before, we will go in for the followup consultation with the RE on December 18th & we will discuss next steps with him. Although, I think we are pretty firm in our decision to continue to try on our own for a few months if the test results raise no concerns. Especially if this cycle's LP is as long or longer than last cycle's.

My HSG was relatively uneventful. I took 4 ibuprofen about an hour beforehand & then drove in for the test. The HSG itself was very quick - took less than 5 minutes total! I had slight cramping while the dye was going thru my uterus & tubes, but it was fine once it stopped. I also had slight discharge of the dye for a few hours after the procedure, so I just wore a panty liner the rest of the day yesterday & it was all good. This morning, I am having slight cramping, but nothing unbearable. The Dr. said that I got the "fastest HSG of the day" award because the dye went straight thru my tubes quickly & he also said everything looked "textbook normal" - my uterus was the normal triangular shape & my tube were nice & straight & clear.

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It was huge sigh of relief for us that basically everything looks fine as far as my testing goes!! Mr. WB's SA results will take 3-5 business days, so I will be anxiously awaiting those. But, I bet everything will be just fine & we really didn't have anything to worry about at all (which is what he said all along)! I really think I talked about it a bit in a previous post, but I feel like the fact that my LP lengthened was a sign from God to just continue trying on our own & we will get PG eventually (hopefully sooner rather than later), so I am pretty comfortable with waiting on his timing at this point if all of our test results come back normal.

In the mean time, I am just getting ready for Thanksgiving (Mr. WB's family is coming up from about 4 hours away & we are hosting our first married Thanksgiving at our home), and also focusing on finishing up our Master Bath renovation project - which has been quite the challenge! Hopefully I will O in the near future here & we can start trying for our Christmas baby! Thanks for all the kind words & well wishes - they keep my spirits up!


Flora Bud said...

So glad that your HSG went well and you do not have anything to worry about in that dept.

Fingers crossed that your DH's SA comes back with good numbers.


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