October 7, 2009

A whole bunch of countdowns.

Mr. SB and I have so many things to be excited about right now and since I am in a huge funk, I will let you in on them.
  1. Testing for this cycle - 6 days
  2. Halloween - 24 days
  3. Closing on our house - 30 days
  4. Thanksgiving - 50 days
  5. My birthday - 68 days
  6. Christmas - 79 days
  7. New Years - 86 days
See, lots of things going on! But, you see that first one up there? That one is driving me crazy. I didn't think it would be this hard, but it is. And to be honest, I know that I am going to be crushed with a capital "C" if it is a BFN. That's just the truth!
So wish me luck!


Stef said...

Keeping my fingers crossed that you get a BFP this cycle! I am so excited for you to test, and get a house, and all of the rest. Hopefully the rest of this year will just add to the rest of a good year. :) Good Luck!

Glow Bud said...

Can't wait for the 6 day countdown!!! Fingers crossed for your BFP!!!

Sugar Bud said...

Thanks Stef and Glow Bud! This year has really been a great year. First a nice raise, then married the most wonderful man, then a house and now possibly a baby!!! Thank God for 2009


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