October 17, 2009

What the heck is this?

Today I woke up and found some EWCM. I never used to get this stuff ever.

The downsides to NOT charting. You have no idea if you really O'd. And that sucks. I decided to STOP charting my temps because I obsess. I would get to the point where I would wake up way too early so anxious to temp. My LP temps would be all jacked up and I would be more confused than ever. I talked to my doctor, my awesome doctor, and he told me just to stop temping for a while and see if that helps some. He could tell from my charts I was ovulating and just said to calm down. Stress causes high levels in cortisone which can cause issues with your eggs accoding to him. To be honest it really has helped a little. I'm more relaxed and I'm trying to take the, "No Care" Approach. Its ALOT harder than it sounds.

So pretty much I woke up this morning found some EWCM. I'm about 90% sure I ovulated and I'm 6 DPO. I'm trying to think, this is a good thing. Maybe my body is trying to get ready to implant Mr. OB's swimmers. Its something different my body hasn't done before. Ugh. If only I had charted. HA! Its a lose-lose situation here.

I really am trying to stay optimistic for this cycle. I'm trying to think maybe this will be our lucky cycle. I'm also trying NOT to find some crazy phantom 2 WW symptoms. The dreaded wait is almost over. Right? Sometime just tell me yes!



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