October 18, 2009

13 weeks and stress galore

Wow 13 weeks in just a few short days I will be in my 2nd trimester. It is still so surreal that baby Daffodil Bud is coming.

This week has been pretty good, little to no nausea anymore, still tired but I guess if the body says I need sleep I better sleep when I can.

The weekend brought some stress, Friday night after I got out of work I found out that my grandfather was in the hospital. He is the primary caregiver for my grandmother who has Alzheimer's. I am very worried about them both and can't help but wonder if my baby will ever get to know a couple of my grandparents the way I go to know my great-grandparents.

This is the time of year that one of my moms folks always fall ill and end up in the hospital, it never seems to fail that sometime between September and November one of them ends up in the hospital. 3 years ago it was grandma with a very bad bladder infection that had turned into E. Coli. 2 Years ago grandpa was in for about a week and a half, he had all sorts of tests and they found colon cancer. The cancer was removed with clean margins but he never had and chemo or radiation afterwards. Last year Grandma fell and broke her hip and was in and out of the hospital from November until January with various infections, etc while her hip was healing.

So this year it is grandpas turn. He went to the doctor on Friday because he hadn't been feeling well. The family doctor thinks it was/is the flu but asks that grandpa go to the ER because of H1N1 and be tested for that. He was pretty dehydrated and needed an IV. Upon a physical exam the doctors found grandpas belly to be tender so they did some tests and found an abdominal mass. At this point they don't know if something is just blocking his bowels, if it is scar tissue or if it is a recurrence of the cancer. We are unlikely to know anything until Monday.

My grandmother is currently being cared for by my aunt, uncle and mother until she can be placed in a home temporarily. She can go to a couple of different places but until she has had a chest x-ray to determine her health status she can't be placed. So tomorrow my mom gets to take her for the x-ray and hopefully get her settled in to a care facility until my grandfather is either well enough to take care of her again or decides that it is finally time that he can no longer do it all.

I wish that I could do more to help but not knowing if grandpa has/had H1N1 and not wanting to worry about putting me or the baby at risk I can't help.Thankfully the family 1)understands why and 2) because I am a grandchild I am not really expected to help but last time he was hospitalized I was able to.

Now on to other news. My mom and I had plans to go shopping yesterday which because my aunt and uncle were able to take care of grandma yesterday we were able to keep those plans. In our shopping yesterday I got to a maternity clothing store that actually carried plus sized clothing :). I actually now have 2 pairs of jeans that don't need the rubber band button trick and a cute new shirt. Also I now know what sizes I need should I want to order some more online.

I have an OB appointment on Wednesday this week so hopefully I will be updating more about baby later this week :).


Dandelion Bud said...

I hope your grandfather feels better really soon.


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