October 2, 2009

Officially in the 2ww.....again!

Yeah I have crosshairs! I hope this is our month. The time after my m/c has been really hard but I've gotten through it. Seeing all my pregnant friends makes it hard even though I am so happy for them. I work for a group of surgeons and we have an u/s tech there who gave the girls ( one works with me, one who used to work there) an u/s and told them what they were going to have pretty early. It made it hard when they announced to us what they were going to have. That was supposed to me. It will definitely make it easier tomorrow when I am going to a baby shower for a girl I used to work with. I haven't seen her since she started showing. I am very excited to see her and now I'm especially excited b/c I am officially in the 2ww again. Wish me luck ladies and to you as well!



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