October 1, 2009

Houston, We Have a Problem!

Well folks, this is my TMI post of the week, so forgive me for over-sharing.

In my attempts to analyze my charts more thoroughly and figure out what the heck is going on with my O date, or lack there-of, I started to examine all of the additional signs I had been charting, and came to one very astounding conclusion that caused a light-bulb to go off in this little noggin' of mine: Based on my past charts, I totally get the farts right around the time I O! SERIOUSLY??? For now, we are TTA, so I don't care and can avoid BD'ing on my "less pleasant" days, but the thought of farty sex really really upsets me. I need a solution, pronto! I may just have to hang my head in shame and hope that I can avoid the awkward teenage boy in the checkout lane when I go to purchase my Gas-X. :( Two thumbs down. I am already mortified.

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