October 16, 2009

Intro- Snow Bud!

Welcome to my story!

I'd like to introduce myself very quickly and involve you in my TTC journey. I'm Snow Bud- I'm a 20 something (and much like other ladies here) newlywed married to Mr. Snow Bud, a 20 something prince charming (well, on his good days!). Mr. Snow Bud is in the United States Air Force, and I am a currently a student in massage therapy school. We were married October 17, 2008 in my home state of Alaska. Three months and one dog later, we were packed and sent off to the sunny state of Florida! It's beautiful, but I miss my snow and mountains.

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Mr. Snow Bud & Myself on our wedding day!

I kid you not, I have wanted to be a mom from day one. You have all sorts of people anymore who want their big careers, independence, experiences, etc. I absolutely think that's great for lots of people. Myself? I have always wanted the amazing husband, white picket fence, and to be a mom. I find that anymore, lots of people will look down on that choice, and believe me, I understand how old fashioned it may be. But, it's my ideal lifestyle.

A year ago, Mr. Snow Bud absolutely refused to have kids any time soon. He wanted to wait at least 5 years, and at that time assess our lifestyle and see if we were prepared. To him, kids were a lifetime sentence instead of a lifetime opportunity and miracle. When asked about kids, he could only rattle off reasons that he would not want kids for a long time. Believe me, it was hard. I spent so many nights wondering if he'd ever want kids. From the way that he talked about them, he was okay never being a dad. I was never going to be okay with not being a mom. There were tons of tears, tons of heart dropped into my stomach moments, and I finally let it go. I knew that when he was ready, if he was ever going to be ready, he'd let me know.

Lo and behold, he came to me only 8 months later, and let me know he was ready. He presented me with a card, and blue and pink baby booties telling me that he was ready. Mr. Snow Bud had done what he normally does, sorted it all out in his head, and approached me. I am so glad that I let him do this, and let him figure it out for himself (okay, I nudged a little, but not TOO much)! Today, he can only rattle off reasons as to why he wants a baby.

I hopped onto my favorite TTC message board, introduced myself, read TCOYF, started charting, and have learned so much! We are now on Cycle #3 of TTC. My first cycle charting I O'd on CD 22, my luteal phase was only 9 days long, and my cycle was 31 days long. Cycle #2 which included a daily dose of B6 and Green Tea supplements, I O'd on CD 19, my luteal phase was 11 days long, and my total cycle was 30 days long. Cycle #3, which is not over yet, I O'd on CD 14, and my cycle is at CD 25. I know it's just my body regulating. I am so glad that I started charting from day one, I love knowing what's happening inside of me.

So, one Mr. Snow Bud, three dogs, and a cute little house later, we are TTC our first little miracle. I am so excited to share my experience with you, relate to you and cheer everyone else on in their TTC journey.

Until next time,

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Obsessive Bud said...

Good Luck SB!! I can't wait to hear more of your stories!


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