October 27, 2009

Implantation Spotting.. Hopefully

Today marks 9DPO and my body is playing games with me, I dunno if its a mental thing or what.

After ovulation I had strong cramps
for 4-5 days and then on and off for the past couple of days. Yesterday I was starving alllllllll day and when I would eat I would not get full so that already had me in cloud 9 thinking that there was a possibility that I was KU. As soon as I got home I had to POAS, I know I know its kind of early but I could not resists. It was a very very faint line, but I really did not want to count on this almost not there line. A line is a line, but that was a very very faint, it actually looked like the line was already there before I tested.

I went to FertilityFriend.com and checked out their OPK gallery and look what I

Then this morning when I went to the restroom I had some very light brownish spotting and I just kept thinking great AF is going to show up early. AF has never shown up early, she is always here on the 27th day why would she show up early? Later in the morning when I used the restroom the spotting was gone.

Could this have been Implantation spotting? It does happen around 9 DPO.

I really hope this is our month, tomorrow I am going to test with FMU and I will let you know!

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